InvisaTreat™ Process

InvisaTreat™ is a chemical reaction of nitrocarboxylation leading to a simultaneous grafting of oxygen and nitrogen containing chemical function namely carboxylic acids, carbonyle groups in ketones, hydroxyle groups in alcool and/or nitro, amino, nitrile.
This reaction can modify physicochemical properties of surface and increases their adhesion capability by grafting polars and functionnalized groups wich could interract or react with a further layer.


Main benefits of the process


Vector Process replaces actual employed technologies(primers, flame treatment, corona discharge, plasma).
It suits to every shape even complex 3D geometries and preserve the surface properties such as gloss, and physical, optical and electrical properties of materials.

Cost Effective

Short cycle time, no skilled labor, associated with stronq equipments contribute to a very good cost efficiency.
The process leads to a Zero fail and generates immediate and constant productivity gains.

The treatment is realised at room temperature and can be use on parts in bulk in plastic storage boxes or on thermoformed trays.


The process can be directly integrated on existing production lines. It's flexibility allows to use existing substrate holders such as bars, etc...


It doesn't consume water and does not use Organic Solvents. It does not generate Volatil Organic Compounds,  Greenhouse Gases or other effluent to be depolluted.

The process have been rewarded by the French Ministy for Education, Reasearch and Technologies.

Treatment Cycle